On the road to Alishar

>On the road to Alişar

Oriental Institute archaeologists excavated the mound known today as Alishar Höyük, or “mound of Alişar” in the late 1920s and early 1930s. Photographed: Maria von der Osten, Driver, Translator, Hans Henning von der Osten, 1926 (N. 6357).

September 12th, 2017 – Spring 2019

Lower Level of the Oriental Institute

The Oriental Institute is one of the world’s main centers of Hittitology (the study of the ancient languages and cultures of Turkey). This exhibit looks at Chicago’s contribution to the field, including the early years of Hittitology, the careers of faculty members Hans G. Guterbock and Harry Hoffner, the creation and progress of The Chicago Hittite Dictionary, and the Oriental Institute’s expeditions to Turkey. 

From August 28th through September 1st, the posters were on display in Saieh Hall in conjunction with the 10th International Congress of Hittitology.