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Explore ISAC from the comfort of your home or take a guided tour in the museum. The ISAC app offers interactive maps, self-guided tours, and the ability to share your experience with our social media icons!

Choose your own areas of interest! Want to know more about the collection’s highlights or the building’s architecture? Just choose what you’re most excited about and the app will deliver the details!

The location-aware map will show you your location and where you want to go. See what is available in each gallery or explore ISAC projects occurring in West Asia and North Africa!

You can explore in a few different ways with this app. Tap Map in the toolbar and double tap different locations to see what’s there. At the bottom of the map, you can tap Search and type in anything you’re looking for. When you tap Search, you can also see amenities, highlights from the app, and the tours you have selected. Tap Tours in the toolbar to customize your experience! Choose different interest areas from the list of self-guided tours. Tap Ready, and you will automatically be taken to the map. The different points of interest related to the tours you chose will be on the map, which you can double tap to access. Alternatively, as you move around the galleries you will also get notifications that something you’re interested in is nearby. Do you have tours selected but you’re not getting notifications? Make sure your location services are on and notifications are allowed.