Head of Nubian

The Nubian head was located under Pharaoh’s "window of appearances" This sculpted head of a Nubian captive depicted Nubia in the state art of New Kingdom Egypt. Deep wrinkles on the forehead may represent ritual scarification which is still practiced among some Nubians. The sculpture was one of many stereotyped images the Egyptians used to depict groups foreign to them. Besides Nubians, these included Libyans, Syrians, Semites, and other western Asiatics. The Nubian head, and others, decorated a balcony in the memorial temple of Ramesses III at Thebes where they symbolized the geographic extent of Egypt's power.

Head of a Nubian
Egyptian New Kingdom
Reign of Ramesses III (1184-1153 BC)
Egypt, Medinet Habu
Mortuary temple complex of Ramesses III
OIM 14648